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NCIS Challenge

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Welcome to the NCIS Challenge community.  Each challenge shall include at least one screencap from a particular episode.  It will be accompanied by a breif summary of the ep, and full credit to the screencapper.

Moderater Rules;
1: We shall try (RL permitting, of course) to post one new challenge a week.
2: Credit accordingly.

We welcome and encourage icons, fan-art, manips, and fan-fiction as entires to these challenges.  Whatever your creative minds can come up with!

NB: Obviously, if it's fanfic, you can't use the pic, per se.  However, if you are making art, please use the pics posted in the challenge.

Basic Rules;
1: Keep posts on-topic.
2: Post entries to challenges as new posts, not comments to the challenge.
3: Use an LJ cut when posting more than 3 icons, or fanart over 200x200. (<lj-cut text="text here for ya warnings">)
4: Any fiction posted should be behind a cut, with the warnngs/disclaimers/usual pre fan-fiction stuff BEFORE the cut.
5: DO NOT SPOIL!  It might be an episode that you saw a year ago.  Somepeople don't get the show at the same time as you.
6: Warn about graphic content.  Any UNMARKED entries which show excessive swearing or nudity, for example shall be disqualified.

****7: If an entry is suspected to be copied all or in part, the poster will be politely asked to remove the icon from the challenge. Please check both current and previous challenges to prevent this from occuring! (In the event that while you were making the icon/other, someone posted something very similar, comment on the Challenge post to one of the moderators before posting the icon/other in question, alerting them to the situation.) I realise this has the potential to be a sticky situation. If there are any queries, please contact eirenealetheia or the moderator posting the challenge.****

Rules about respecting other people and what they have posted, should not be needed. ;)  We trust you to be respectful.  Same goes for character bashing.

Rules about posting;
8: You are allowed to submit up to two icons PER cap. 
*if there are 4 caps therefore, you can make up to 8 icon entries.
9: You are allowed to submit up to two images OVER icon size per cap. (100 x 100)
10: The maximum amount of entries per person is 8 per challenge.   Mix and match if you wish.
*You can post more than once, per challenge, as long as you only enter a maximum of 8 things.
*Please don't change your entries after you've posted (unless you were asked to remove it).
11: Using two challenge pics in one entry counts as ONCE.
12: The graphical entries posted MUST contain the challenge pictures.
13: Entries may go 'up for grabs' (maker permitting) only when the challenge has finished, unless the person posting allows you to take before the end of the challenge.
14: If you wish to use something that someone has posted, ask them (if required) and credit them.

Rules/Info about Voting;
NB: In order for a challenge to go to vote, there MUST be more than one participant, AND at least THREE entries submitted.
1: For voting purposes, the entries may be directly linked to.  (please STATE when posting, you you'd prefer us to NOT link)
2: You CAN vote for yourself.  No joke.
3: Votes are weighted.  You have three votes, so; vote #1=3 points, #2=2 points, #3=1 point.  Choose wisely!

Additional stuff:
Try Photobucket if you need free hosting for your pics. ;)

Moderators are also sundance201 and darkangelkalika.   If you would like to help out, let one of the mods know.
Pictures/info are from Shannon's Stories, jades_shadow, ncisfans.com and NCIS Redstar. Any other sources will be credited in the challenge post.

*Rules were updated Sunday 4th August, 2005.

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