Challenge 29

The challenge this week is for everybody’s favorite Probie with a feminine glow, Timothy McGee. Deadline, lets shoot for Sunday April the 16th, as long s we have five entries. I hope I did this right

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Alright, it's been awhile since we've done this (including me), so just a quick run-through. You vote for your favourite three icons. It doesn't really matter how you do it, just as long as I can tell which one is first, second, or third. I'll tally the votes once the voting period is up, and will announce the winners soon after.

Also, I'd like to thank n0sleept0night and nikkinor for volunteering to help me out, and try to get this comm. back on it's feet. I was thinking that we could alternate setting challenges and making banners, so if it works for you guys, nikkinor is going to set the next challenge, then n0sleept0night, and then back to me. If you guys have any other suggestions, feel free to drop a comment. Thanks so much again you guys!

Voting will end in one week, on 17 April. Thanks to the participants!

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Challenge entry

*sighs* That was an experience. Apparently my laptop doesn't like psp, and I forgot that I uh....actually don't have anything from my old psp on this computer. So....this icon sucks. I'll try and make another one, but....this one took me hour. :P Anyways, here's my attempt.

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I unofficially extended the challenge, so it will now end on this Saturday. Get some entries in guys! Thanks to those of you that already have.
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Happy to see this back again!

Here's my entries - from challenges 18, 23, and 25 (not necessarily in that order)

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Okay, just to get started again I'll do something easy....For this week's challenge, you can do something with any one of the previous challenges. So if you like a cap from challenge 25 and another from challenge 2, go ahead and use them. The challenge (as long as we have five or more entries) will close in one week from now. All the guidlines listed in the user info are applicable.

*nods* If you have any questions, drop a comment. Hope that I can get the comm. up again! Thanks to those who volunteered to help! Good luck!
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Oh dear...

I am so sorry. I have completely spaced about this community, as horrible as that sounds. Right now eirenealetheia has a good idea, if anyone would like to either help out or take over, that'd be wonderful.

How about if sometime this week, drop a comment if you're still around and are willing to participate in a challenge. I will start looking for some new mods, and in the meantime, if there are enough participants, I will post a challenge.

Again, so sorry about spacing on this community. But if any of you are intersted on taking over (or at least helping out) just drop me a comment!

~Your very forgetful mod, Sundance
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